Dr. Martin Kaufmann

Martin has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University and is a Psychotherapist. Martin also recently finished his doctoral program in Leadership and Education from Liberty University.

Martin began his career as an Orthotic & Prosthetic Technologist after graduating from Century College. He furthered his education in the field or orthotics and prosthetics and pedorthoics at Temple University. He enjoyed a rewarding 12-year career working with several companies including Tamarack Habilitations Technologies Inc, The Shriners Hospital (Intermountain Unit) and Winkley’s Orthopedics designing, fabricating, fitting and modifying custom orthotic and prosthetic devices.

Martin lectures at many major universities, consults with hundreds of veterinarians, has published works in the “North American Rehabilitation Guide”, and continues to advance the new profession of veterinary orthotics and prosthetics.

Martin’s personal interests include advanced biomechanical research, spending time with his family, camping, golfing, hiking, sewing, music production, architecture, and 3D computer aided product design.