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How to make a great fiberglass impression

A great impression will reveal the limb structure (bony landmarks and other topography) of the patient on the outside of the fiberglass impression so that your patient’s impression can be digitally scanned.  As opposed to a cast, which is thick and supportive, the impression should be thin (overlap each strip by half).

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OrthoPets founder Dr. Martin Kaufmann
Dr. Martin Kaufmann

Examples of great and poor impressions

Fiberglass Impression Videos

The following videos contain detailed and important instructions on how to perform a fiberglass impression for OrthoPets custom orthosis and adaptive devices.

Stifle/Knee Impression Instructions

Tarsus/Ankle Impression Instructions

Carpus/Wrist Impression Instructions

Elbow Impression Instructions

Pelvic/Back Leg Prosthetic Impression Instructions

Thoracic/Front Leg Prosthetic
Impression Instructions

Custom Paw Insole Impression Technique

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