Tarsus Orthosis for Dogs

For achilles injuries, tarsal and metatarsal injuries and rehabilitation

Getting into the water is not only fun for your pet, it can be the most important thing ever! Our material selections have been specifically focused on allowing your pet to enjoy complete freedom of activities, like swimming
3-point Corrective System
The orthosis utilizes a 3-point corrective system with advanced biomechanical stabilization to support and control forces
Pre-op, Post-op, Non-op
Orthopedic injuries are very complex and require a sophisticated device design approaches to meet the needs of your pet's injury, treatment, and return to activities and play.
Injury to Recovery
Specialized componentry creates full immobilization in the beginning and is easily destabilized to the level of support your pet needs during recovery
Sports Recovery Brace
Your pets device is designed to be modified into a sports recovery brace allowing your pet to safely return to normal high levels of activity with the necessary protection
Innovative Device Designs
No two pets are exactly the same. We incorporate the uniqueness of your pet's biomechanical needs and purposefully match state-of-the-art materials and device design accordingly

Common Injuries

  • Achilles Complex Injury
  • Post-Op Arthrodesis
  • Medial & Lateral Collateral Injury
  • Digital Flexor Tendon(s) Injury
  • Hyper-extension Instability
  • Neurological Positioning Control
  • Failed arthrodesis

Innovative Biomechanics of Our Dog Ankle (Tarsus) Braces
The canine ankle (tarsus) is a unique joint susceptible to injury and instability. Tarsal plantigrade collapse, tarsal valgus, tarsal varus, post-op arthrodesis, and neurological presentations are common orthopedic injuries that can affect your pet’s ankle joint and cause pain and lameness. The OrthoPets Tarsus Brace stabilizes your dog’s ankle joint by creating a 3-Point Corrective System. This advanced biomechanical support system stabilizes your dog’s tarsus joint by applying a corrective force location supporting the tarsus joint and two counter force locations that complete the dynamic mechanical environment acting within the OrthoPets Tarsus Brace system.

Dog Ankle (Tarsus) Brace State-of-the-Art Fabrication
Your dog’s ankle brace is manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing center through a digitizing process of the fiberglass impression. The impression is turned into a 3D model that is digitally sculpted to create your dog’s tarsus brace shape. The carved model is vacuum formed with advanced plastics to create the custom made brace. Once the soft medical grade foam liner, adjustable and replaceable straps and pads are added, the device is ready for delivery.

OrthoPets devices are custom fabricated based off of an impression of your patient’s/pet’s leg. We fabricate each orthotic brace or prosthetic device to support the therapeutic mobility goals.

Manufacturing & Order Fulfillment Timeline:

  • The fabrication time for an orthosis is 9 business days. The fabrication for a prosthesis is 15 business days. Business days are M-Th. OrthoPets provides custom devices and therefore, fabrication will not begin until full payment has been received.

Shipping & Costs:

  • OrthoPets utilizes only UPS to ship from our fabrication center. All packages coming from OrthoPets are tracked and insured to ensure your pet’s brace arrives as quickly and safely as possible.
  • If you are shipping a device back for adjustment, please discuss your pet’s device with an OrthoPets VOP Specialist prior to shipping back to us and please ensure the device is labeled with your pet’s name and your contact information. Please use the shipping courier of your choice.
  • Domestic shipping: Free shipping is normally included with devices.
  • Alaska and Hawaii shipping: $55.00
  • International shipping: Normally $60.00 depending on region.  International shipping may be subject to import fees and/or taxes depending on the law of the country of where the device will be shipped.

Shipping Timeline:

  • Domestic shipping: Normally delivered within two to five (2-5) UPS business days (Mon-Fri) by 4:30pm for businesses and by 8:00pm for residences.
  • International shipping: Normally delivered within five (5) UPS business days (Mon-Fri) by 4:30pm for businesses and by 8:00pm for residences.
  • Please note that shipping arrival dates are best estimates. OrthoPets is not responsible for delays incurred by UPS or other 3rd party shippers.

Please Note:

  • OrthoPets is not responsible for weather delays, pandemics, and other factors out of our control.
  • OrthoPets is closed and orders/cases will not be processed or shipped on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.

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