Jessie and Her OrthoPets Tarsus Device (Dog Ankle Brace)

Jessie's original device and impression.

Jessie, an eight year and eleven month old, Labrador Retriever, had a tarsal arthrodesis (ankle surgery) in April of 2018 following a diagnosis of Degenerative Joint Disease in her right tarsus (dog ankle). A year later, the surgery failed and one of her plates broke and was removed. Her owners decided to pursue more conservative management rather than do a second surgery.

Jessie’s veterinarian prescribed a tarsal device (dog ankle brace) for Jessie to provide some pain relief and help her get better use of her affected limb. OrthoPets fabricated a caudal-shell style tarsal device with a paw segment attached. In order to provide the rigid, long term stability that Jessie’s tarsus needed, the device was non-articulating at the tarsus.

Jessie did really well in her tarsal device, so well in fact, that her owner recently reached out to OrthoPets to get a duplicate device fabricated. OrthoPets was so happy that Jessie had been getting such good use out of her orthotic device and happily fabricated another for her owner.

Since Jessie’s original impression and measurements were only a year old, and review of media confirmed no major changes to the leg since the first device was fabricated, OrthoPets was able to fabricate the device using the original impression scan.

Jessie should be getting her duplicate device soon and OrthoPets will review the fitting media to make sure the fit and function is similar to the original and appropriate for the support of her right tarsus.

Jessie's duplicate device in our Carbon transfer pattern.

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