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If you are looking for an orthotics and prosthetics company to support your new or growing canine rehabilitation practice by providing strong customer service and superior products, look no further. OrthoPets provides human-grade products designed and engineered to have the correct biomechanical and anatomical customization for specific injuries. From over the counter carpal supports to customized multi-joint orthotics to customized prosthetics, OrthoPets provides the products that support my rehab plan so I can help my patients reach their goals.

Sasha A. Foster, MSPT, CCRT

What I love about working with Martin and OrthoPets is their desire to find new treatment solutions for previously ‘unsolvable’ problems or alternative solutions that address client and patient needs. I am certain that this ‘out of the box thinking’ in combination with the companies interest in supporting research will change the way we look at orthotics and prosthetics down the road.

Dr Felix Duerr

CSU Veterinary Hospital

OrthoPets has been amazing to work with from a teaching, research, and clinical standpoint.  I feel very fortunate to have first started spending time with OrthoPets as a vet student, and have had the opportunity to continue working closely with them through my internship and sports medicine residency.  They care about educating veterinarians, supporting ongoing research, and making sure that their patients are receiving state of the art care.

I am always blown away by the creative consideration that goes in to every device, whether it is for a “standard” problem, or something completely novel.  I especially love that Martin and the rest of his team are always so willing to go the extra mile to collaborate on new solutions for oddball problems or patients who have more difficulty adapting to their devices.  The quality, attention to detail, and team approach can’t be beat!

Dr. Theresa Wendland DVM

Conventional wisdom says that quadrupeds manage fine on three legs, so many animals with mere inflammation at the digits, carpus, or tarsus are subjected to amputation at the hip or shoulder joint. As a result, their gait alters drastically, often with many consequences, especially for their backs.

In my first visit to OrthoPets, I was astounded at their innovative solutions for dogs with partial amputations or presenting with CCL ruptures. I saw partial amputee dogs wearing prosthetics and living comfortably, and dogs with CCL ruptures, for which I had believed surgery was the only treatment, go back to their normal daily life by wearing orthotics. Their whole bodies expressed the joy of life.

I wanted animals in Japan to have this benefit too, and this was the beginning of the OrthoPets Japan project. Since our first cases, OrthoPets Japan has been hearing many owners’ testimonials which are full of heart moving joy: “A peaceful life, that once we almost lost in sorrow, was returned to us again!” “How wonderful! We had not dreamed this would come!” It’s very rewarding for our OrthoPets Japan team to hear. We are excited to provide further excellent service to our clients in Japan.

Dr. Takayuki Kobayashi DVM, PhD, DJCVS, CCRT

OrthoPets Japan

OrthoPets is clearly recognized as the industry leader in veterinary orthoses and prostheses. They have over 14 years of experience fabricating devices for animals of all varieties with problems ranging from the very common (Canine CCL rupture orthoses) to the very unique (zoo animal prostheses). In addition to having tremendous clinical experience, the OrthoPets team is dedicated to education, providing telemedicine for clients as well as multi-day training sessions for veterinary and physical therapy professionals working in the field of animal sports medicine and rehabilitation. Their devices are superbly designed and constructed, and their customer service is top notch!

Janet Van Dyke
DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
Affiliate Faculty, Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
President, Veterinary Orthopedic Society (VOS)
Past President, American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians (AARV)
CEO and Founder, Canine Rehabilitation Institute  (CRI)

From a physical therapist’s perspective, I have been extremely impressed with OrthoPets orthotics and prosthetics. I have fit dogs with almost all of the various orthotics and seen them improve function tremendously. The team at OrthoPets is great to work with and especially to brainstorm with for difficult cases. I have found the stifle orthotic not only to be helpful for cruciate instability, but also medial/lateral instability. I appreciate the ability to work with OrthoPets and give owners other options for conservative management of injuries.

It is highly rewarding to see dogs be able to return to the activities they love with the support of their OrthoPets device.

Candice Brueck, MPT, CCRT

I have been a loyal OrthoPets provider since 2012 and continue to enjoy not only the quality and durability of their devices, but also the amazing and responsive customer service I can rely on. Even when there are (inevitable) adjustments and additions/changes to my patient's devices, I know OrthoPets will help us find the right fit and function to whatever obstacle my patients face. Thank you so much for helping me help my patients to feel their best and live their lives to the fullest.

Suzanne Sutton DVM, cVMA, CCRT

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist
Certified Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist
OrthoPets Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics provider

OrthoPets is not the only company creating veterinary orthoses and prostheses, but OrthoPets is simply the best!

The top quality of their products, the professionalism, the 15 years of vast clinical experience, the on-going investment in academic research with the goal to obtain and establish objective scientific data behind the beneficial use of these devices – that’s what makes me trust in OrthoPets’ products!

Dr. Ilan Frank, CSU VTH

Working with OrthoPets has been such a wonderful experience and addition to my practice. Their custom orthotics and prosthetics have transformed the quality of life of my patients, providing them with new-found mobility and confidence. The OrthoPets team has extensive experience on the human side of the field and is dedicated to educating pet owners and veterinarians about the science behind orthotics and prosthetics. While they continue to advance the field for veterinary medicine, they are professional, creative, and extremely responsive when trying to come up with solutions to improve my patients' mobility and function.

I consider OrthoPets the leader in their field and highly recommend their products!


OrthoPets Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics are absolutely the best. As a practitioner, I have worked with the various bracing companies with mixed results until I discovered OrthoPets.

OrthoPets devices are the only ones that have been effective, consistent, and back by plenty of research. The team at OrthoPets has helped me with some of the most challenging cases. They have come through on custom making assistive devices, wheelchairs, and orthotics when no other company had solutions.

As a rehabilitation practitioner, the majority of patients that come to me have cranial cruciate (CCL) tears. For those where surgery is not an option, OrthoPets orthotics have helped me get my patients back to no limping and return to their previous lifestyle.
Yes, that’s right! I have seen many patients with full CCL tears return to hiking and playing fetch. I know it would have never been possible without the combo of an OrthoPets orthotic and rehabilitation.

It’s amazing to see how quickly my patients progress in improvements once they have their orthotic. There is a big jump from the day they receive their device to a week later when stability is finally provided, and owners are working on their prescribed exercise program.

OrthoPets has always been responsive with assisting my patients until they return to function and thereafter. When you purchase a brace through OrthoPets, they work very closely to ensure we get a correct fit, the pet is comfortable in their device, and the orthotic is doing its job. If you are considering purchasing an OrthoPets device I absolutely recommend it. You will be amazed at how much they will help your loved one!

Danyel Wynn, DVM, CCRT, cVMA

I choose OrthoPets for one simple reason — human support! As an Orthopets Partner Clinic, they welcomed me to come out to their facility in Colorado and see every step of the process. This allows me to give a better explanation to my clients, but more importantly, I developed confidence in the skills of the great humans at OrthoPets. While I do lots of orthoses and prosthetics for my patients, for everyone I do through OrthoPets, they have done 30 or more. Every device is different, every pet’s needs are different and having the support of thousands of devices behind me through the expertise at OrthoPets helps me to provide the very best devices and care for my patients. OrthoPets is truly custom care —from the device to the humans!

Mandi Blackwelder, DVM CCRP

As a veterinarian, I first went looking for stifle orthotics in 2011 for my patients in which surgery was not possible.

I examined the available options in the industry and chose OrthoPets for their design and support.  I have not been disappointed!

Over the last seven plus years and over 400 patients later, OrthoPets is still my first choice for veterinary orthotics and prosthetics.

They have truly bridged the gap between human and animal anatomy and locomotion!

Susan Calverley DVM, CCRT

Partner Clinic Orthopets Vancouver

I have loved working with OrthoPets! I am constantly learning new ways to improve my patient’s mobility with less invasive means.

Senior patients who’s owners prefer not to have major surgery to stabilize a stifle after a mobility limiting an ACL injury- can now opt for a custom stifle orthotic- and get back out on their walks with more mobility, less pain, and return to their normal level of senior activity.

I have also helped many patients successfully return to full activity with carpal injuries that were otherwise recommended the Carpal Arthrodesis surgery as their sole option for care.

I am learning about creative ways to help preserve as much limb function as possible using prostheses instead of full leg amputation as the only solution to trauma to distal extremities.

I love the Toe Up Slings for my neurologically weak patients- they are convenient and easy to apply for dorsiflex assistance and have improved the walking gait and strength of many of my neurologically disabled patients.”

Overall- I have learned a lot about creative assistive and corrective devices to improve overall mobility and relieve pain for my patients! So grateful for all of the support and knowledge that I get from the OrthoPets team

Dr. Ilana Strubel MA, DVM, CVSMT, CCRT

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