Our story

Life-changing care

OrthoPets was founded in 2003 to provide a new orthotic and prosthetic treatment option for pets – like humans have been treated for decades. We're changing the statistic, one patient at a time.
orthopets employees designing an orthosis
worker applying a transfer color sheet to a custom dog knee brace
smiling woman in reception
orthopets employee doing 3d design
Dr. Martin Kaufmann designing custom dog braces in the early days of OrthoPets

Advancing veterinary medicine

OrthoPets was the first company to provide veterinary orthotics and prosthetics. Our story began two decades ago as a part-time job. Today, we are global success story, helping pets around the world.

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We not only set the bar for patient care through our innovative biomechanical solution, but we continue to push the bar higher to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

Dr. Martin Kaufmann, Founder
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Our team