Naki’o, The Four Legged Prosthetic Dog!

In Memoriam: Naki’o was the world’s first ever dog to use 4 prosthetic legs. The endless pawsabilities of our partnership with Nakio and his amazing owner Christie were integral to the development of OrthoPets’s mission. Naki’o tragically passed due to a house fire in April of 2018, but we continue to honor his legacy every day in our work. He is gone, but always in our hearts.

You can learn more about Naki’o and the other special needs pets Christie continues to help at his Legacy Facebook page.

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Nakio out test-driving his new prosthetics.

Martin Kaufmann & Nakio


Martin Kaufmann fitting Nakio’s new front let prosthetics. Nakio is asking how soon is he able to get outside and enjoy life like a normal puppy!

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