Our process

Our 3-D design process takes veterinary orthotics and prosthetics beyond what was thought previously possible.

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1. Order online

To begin this exciting journey the most critical step is the veterinary evaluation, assessment and goal setting for your brace.
Using our easy online form, submit your information and our specialist will design a tailored solution for your pet.

2. Fiberglass impression

Once an online order is placed, we will ship a complimentary impression kit for your veterinarian to make a model of the pet's injured limb.

orthopets employees designing an orthosis
orthopets employee doing 3d design

3. Device Fabrication

Once OrthoPets receives the fiberglass impression and case information, the V-OP device is manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing center.  

The impression is turned into a 3D model that is digitally sculpted to create the final device shape. The carved model is vacuum formed with advanced plastics to create the custom made V-OP device. Once the foam liner, straps and pads are added, the device is ready for delivery.

The fabrication time for an orthosis is 9 business days, and 15 business days for a prosthesis. (Business days are M-Th).

4. Fitting

It's time to try on your OrthoPets device! If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your specialist and review the FAQ's.

If you have concerns about the fit, our specialist will ask you to take pictures and videos of the pet standing and walking in the device. You can send them here. We offer one free adjustment in the first 60 days post delivery.

Adjustments are a normal part of the process and should be expected. Adjustments can take 4 business days to complete.

cute dog with a front leg prosthetic
Dog with a custom knee brace doing rehabilitation exercises with cones

5. Rehabilitation

For best possible outcomes, we recommend that you work with a rehab professional to ensure the function of the device and to get a comprehensive program.

OrthoPets does not provide rehabilitation programs or services. You can find a canine rehabilitation therapist for example at CRI's website.

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