Snowman and His OrthoPets Bilateral Carpus/Hoof (Llama Wrist/Hoof) Prosthetic Devices

Snowman - Before OrthoPets Devices

Snowman is a 10 year old, male castrated llama who is under the care of our partner, Dr. Susan Calverley from OrthoPets Vancouver. He presented to OrthoPets for support of bilateral suspensory desmititis with fetlock hyperextension and left carpal (wrist) valgus and osteoarthritis in October of 2020.

Both carpi (wrists) had a maximum extension range of 1560 degrees The fetlock of the right forelimb had a maximum extension of 130 degrees and the valgus of the left carpus was partially reduced in the fiberglass impression.

OrthoPets created bilateral forelimb carpus/hoof (wrist/hoof) prosthetics with articulation at the carpi. The devices were fabricated in the maximum sagittal plane alignment of the carpi to accommodate the patient and a special spoon splint rocker style modification was used for the hoof segments to allow for easier and smoother gait pattern and comfort.

After some minor adjustments, Snowman took very well to his new devices and we saw significant improvement to the right forelimb use and moderate to the more severe, left forelimb. The almost plantigrade fetlock collapse was resolved and his ability to be the pasture boss resumed!

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