Amos and His OrthoPets Tarsus Device (Dog Ankle Brace)

Amos is a 5-year-old, NM, Rat Terrier who presented to Dr. Bevan at Central Texas Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital with acute onset right hind limb lameness and plantigrade stance after running in the yard. Amos was diagnosed with a complete Achilles tendon laceration, and had a surgical repair of the tendon in July, 2020.

Dr. Bevan prescribed a custom tarsal device (dog ankle brace) to support Amos’ tendon during healing and allow for progressive reloading of the Achilles complex and OrthoPets fabricated a caudal-shell style, articulating tarsus, articulating paw device for Amos.

Amos is a very high energy and active dog who loves to run and chase his ball. Amos acclimated to his device very quickly, but was having some trouble with the intimacy of the fit of his device on his tiny leg. OrthoPets did some adjustments on the orthosis to tighten up the fit, and Amos has been more comfortable in his device and is doing much better since the adjustments.

Amos has been in the support of his device for a little over a month and Dr. Bevan has begun to return force to the leg by adding flexion at the tarsus (dog ankle). OrthoPets hopes that Amos continues to do well in the support of his device and is happy to be a part of improving Amos’ quality of life!

Before and after photos of Amos!

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