Cowboy and His OrthoPets Tarsus Device (Dog Ankle Brace)

Cowboy is an Australian Cattle Dog, who presented to Dr. Gilmore at Karnes City Veterinary Hospital in Texas early last year with a left tarsal (ankle) luxation. Cowboy suffered from acute worsening of an intermittent lameness in his left pelvic limb, and radiographs revealed a tarsal luxation with osteoarthritis (OA).

Cowboy’s owner did not wish to pursue the arthrodesis surgery and wanted a better alternative for long term support than a cast or splint. Dr. Gilmore prescribed a custom tarsal orthosis (dog ankle brace) for Cowboy and OrthoPets fabricated a caudal-shell style, non-articulating tarsus, articulating paw device for him.

Cowboy did great in his device during his fitting appointment. He took to the orthosis almost immediately and his veterinarian was very pleased with how he was moving in it. Cowboy’s owner reported that he became very depressed when they took his device off to give his leg a break, and that he was not himself again until they put the orthosis back on!

OrthoPets is so happy for Cowboy and we hope he continues to get the support that he needs with his custom device.

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