Elbow Dysplasia

Updated on
October 18, 2022

There are a number of reasons why you or your veterinarian would consider using an elbow brace for your pet. The most common dog elbow pathologies are Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), Osteoarthritis (OA), Osteochondrosis Dessecans (OCD), Ununited Anconeal Process (UAP), Fragmented Coronoid Process (FCP) and Medial Compartment Disease. These terms can also fall into the category of dog Elbow Dysplasia. The term Dysplasia refers to a joint that has abnormally developed and this can cause discomfort to your dog when walking and enjoying their normal activities. It is more common for large breed patients to be diagnosed with Elbow Dysplasia, though some smaller breeds can suffer as well, or could have had a traumatic event that caused there to be an instability in the elbow. An OrthoPets canine elbow brace can be used for Elbow Dysplasia as well as other common elbow abnormalities. An OrthoPets dog elbow brace is not able to eliminate the vertical loading that happens when a pet stands on the limb, but is able to control and guide movement on the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes. This means that with the help of your veterinarian, OrthoPets is able to design an elbow support for your dog’s specific biomechanical needs. When the diagnosis includes Medial Compartment Disease, we are able to provide an elbow brace that can aid in offloading the medial compartment to provide some additional relief to your pet. It is very important when using a canine elbow brace for Elbow Dysplasia, OA, DJD or any of the above issues that you continue to work with your veterinarian on the best pain management protocol for your pet as these conditions can be very painful and a canine elbow brace is only a small portion of the treatment plan. To learn more about our dog elbow brace, take a look at our Elbow Orthosis page to view patients enjoying life with their dog elbow brace. Talk with your veterinarian about an OrthoPets dog elbow brace. OrthoPets has US Partner Clinics and worldwide Distributors to help you and your pet on your journey to restored comfort and mobility. We are here to support you and your dog’s elbow injury or abnormality!

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