Athena and Her OrthoPets Below Tarsus Prosthetic Device (Dog Below Ankle Prosthetic Device)

When Athena was adopted, her new owner brought her to see our Partner in Florida, Dr. Block. Athena had an apparent congenital partial amputation of the left hindlimb below the tarsus (ankle), and Dr Block prescribed a custom prosthetic device (dog fake leg) for her.

OrthoPets fabricated a below-tarsus prosthetic for Athena. Since she was still fairly young when the device was prescribed, Athena may have need for another prosthetic to be fabricated once she reaches skeletal maturity, to ensure that her prosthetic fits and supports her adult conformation properly.

Dr. Block’s goals with the use of the prosthetic device were to improve Athena’s posture at a stance and her biomechanics during gait, and to prevent long term compensatory mechanisms developing. Athena seemed to take to her device right away, and the purple color looks really good on her! OrthoPets looks forward to seeing how Athena progresses in her device.

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