Barclay and his OrthoPets Stifle Device (Dog knee brace)

Hi Folks,I had to write and tell you how well Barclay is doing since we received his ACL stifle (knee) brace. He's been wearing it since November 21 and he adjusted very quickly. When he tore the ligaments behind his knee the vet had not given me much hope. Barclay is 111/2 years old and due to some health issues was not a candidate for surgery. Now I am extremely pleased that we never took that route. The brace you made for him put him back on his feet immediately and he can return to his favorite pastime, patrolling the yard. His little sister, Betsy, is also very grateful to you because she has her playmate back.I worked with Amy who was professional, compassionate and was able to put me at ease, which was no small task given my extremely distressed state. I can never thank you enough.Most sincerely,Lucia

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