Daisy and her OrthoPets Stifle Device (Dog knee brace)

Daisy Ferguson is a 2-year-old, spayed female, Labrador Retriever Mix. She was diagnosed by her veterinarian in September 2019 with a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament in her right hind limb. Daisy is a young, vibrant girl who is otherwise healthy and is just looking to get her stifle (dog knee joint) healthy again so she can return to play!

OrthoPets fabricated Daisy a standard stifle device with a tarsal cuff to aid in suspension and keep the stifle device from slipping down. The goal for this type of device is to stabilize the stifle joint and prevent tibial thrust. By using a dog knee brace, Dasiy can get back to an active lifestyle while her knee is being supported.

Daisy has needed one minor adjustment on her stifle device due to a sore forming on her lateral malleoli (side of her ankle). We heat flared out the shell in the area of the tibia/fibula and Daisy has been doing well since the adjustment.

Check out Daisy's cute pink stifle (dog knee) device!

We wish Daisy the best of luck with her stifle, dog knee, recovery!

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