Levi and his OrthoPets Stifle Device (Dog knee brace)

Hello LiLen and all of the wonderful OrthoPets team,I spoke to Lilen this morning about my dog Levi who two years ago was suffering from a cruciate tear in his left rear leg. OrthoPets fitted him with a stifle brace and the whole process was so positive. At that time he was just 14 and I was uncertain about his ability to bounce back from such an injury at his age. I am very proud to say that this spring he will turn 17 years old!!! He no longer needs his OrthoPets stifle brace but he took to wearing it almost immediately. The stifle brace gave his leg the stability to heal while keeping him active - this to me is the genius of these braces. At his age mobility is EVERYTHING!!! When he was 12 he tore his right leg cruciate and I opted to have surgery. It took a full 6 months for him to be able to walk and move freely again and consequently he lost much of his muscle tone and mobility. While I don’t regret my decision (and recognize that surgery is the best course of action in some cases) the process was so arduous and tentative. It was so amazing to have the option to use the OrthoPets brace and be a lot more proactive in the healing process - and to be able to keep him moving!I am so grateful everyday that somehow I connected with OrthoPets. Without their help, I would not be enjoying each and everyday with my happy and healthy pup! Thank you a million times over!!! Sincerely,Courtney and Levi

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