Melba and Her OrthoPets Stifle Device (Dog Knee Brace)

Melba is a fourteen year-old, spayed female, Australian Shepherd. She was diagnosed with a torn right, cranial cruciate ligament (CCL/ACL) in October 2019. Melba has a very unique gait pattern where she walks with her right leg under her midline. She has a history of a TPLO (knee surgery) done on her left CCL (ACL). Due to her age, her owners were not wanting to pursue a second TPLO.

Melba’s veterinarian, Dr. Mandi Blackwelder, who is one of our Partner Clinics in Oregon, would love for Melba to be able to return to normal walks and stabilize her stifle joint.

OrthoPets fabricated a standard stifle device (dog knee brace) with a tarsal cuff (ankle cuff) to aid in suspension and keep the stifle device in place. The goal of the device is to stabilize the stifle joint and prevent tibial thrust.

Melba received her device in December 2019. Her initial fitting went well with the exception of her unique gait. During her first recheck in the middle of December, she showed much improvement, and is using her leg more to go on short walks. Dr. Mandi Blackwelder is currently working with her in rehabilitation to help with her gait pattern.

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