Samson and his OrthoPets Tarsus Devie (Dog ankle brace)

Samson is a seven-year-old Newfoundland who has been in rehabilitation for about two years due to degenerative joint disease (DJD) in multiple joints, bilateral hip dysplasia and right intertarsal instability among other concerns. A partial arthrodesis of the right tarsus was planned, but a questionable lesion in his nasal cavity and metatarsal fractures on the left hind limb put that on hold. His family is still considering surgery in the future but wanted to explore a custom orthosis for the time being. To achieve Samson's goals to improve right tarsal joint stability and mobility and to possibly avoid surgery, a tarsal orthosis with an articulating tarsus and articulating paw segment was designed. A hammock was included to prevent the calcaneus from hitting the caudal aspect of the calcaneal pocket during swing phase or induced proximal migration. 

Samson has only had his orthosis for a couple of weeks but has taken to it well. He is working on stepping over cavalettis to encourage him to flex his stifle when wearing the device for better range of motion. Samson presents as a great candidate for a custom-made veterinary orthotic and prosthetic device.

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