Eileen and her OrthoPets Forelimb Prosthetic Device

Eileen is a standard poodle mix that belongs to Dr. Theresa Wendland, DVM at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Eileen presents with a congenital deformity of right thoracic limb. One of the challenges of congenital deformities is protecting the limb and range of motion until the patient is no longer growing.

Dr. Wendland did a great job of protecting Eileen's limb and created temporary prostheses, under the supervision of Martin Kaufmann, until she was ready for her "big girl" prosthetic device. Once she stopped growing, Dr. Wendland casted Eileen and sent it to the OrthoPets facility in Westminster, CO.

The design for Eileen's device is a hybrid prosthetic-orthotic called a "Nena." Eileen's unique limb shape is not due to an amputation but she still needs help with limb length discrepancy. Her method of holding her thoracic limb was also taken into account with the design of her device. It didn't take long for Eileen to take off running with her new leg!

Left: One of Eileen's temporary devices
Right: Eileen's OrthoPets "Nena"-style device

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