Hope and her OrthoPets Hind Leg Prosthetic Device "Chevy Prosthetic"

Hope is one of the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet despite her difficult past!

Hope is a beautiful 7-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who was adopted into a loving home from a rescue, who rescued her from a pit bull fighting ring! Her new family adopted Hope with the knowledge of a suspected traumatic amputation at the distal right tibia.

After previous attempts to help Hope with a prosthetic device through another company failed with suspension, OrthoPets had the opportunity to make a Hind Leg Prosthetic Device for her.

She started the prosthetic process with OrthoPets a few months later so that an Above Tarsus OrthoPets Prosthetic could be fabricated which was fitted at Texas A&M.

Unexpectedly, Hope then developed a large seroma on the distal residuum and her owners and veterinary team decided it was best to visit OrthoPets in person for needed adjustments to the prosthetic device due to her changing anatomy.

OrthoPets successfully modified the prosthetic to accommodate Hope's seroma as it heals so she can still use her device. She does a fantastic job in her device, navigating different terrains, despite only having it for a few months!

Hope is a registered therapy dog through Intermountain Therapy Animals.  She is also a registered Reading Education Assistance Dog (R.E.A.D.) who visits an elementary school where children who are having difficulty reading have the opportunity to read to her!

This is one special dog who has nothing but love to give to all! We are so excited for Hope and her new OrthoPets Hind Leg Prosthetic Device!

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