Annie and Her OrthoPets Below Carpus Prosthetic Device (Below Wrist Prosthetic Device)

Annie is a one and a half year old Golden Retriever who was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her left carpus (wrist) resulting in a left forelimb amputation.

Annie’s owners scheduled a consult with an OrthoPets partner when Annie was still a puppy, around seven months of age. OrthoPets recommends waiting on fabrication of a prosthetic device until patients have reached skeletal maturity since it can be cost prohibitive to have to remake the device as a patient grows. However, Annie’s DVM was worried that her muscles and bones were not going to develop properly on the affected side if she could not place weight on and use the leg in some way while developing.

OrthoPets fabricated a standard below carpus (below wrist) prosthetic with a humeral cuff to help keep the device from twisting on Annie’s limb. Annie took to her new device really well and was able to stay in rehab to learn how to function with her prosthetic.

It has been about one year since Annie got her first device, she is now fully grown, and it is time to fabricate a new prosthetic using a new impression that represents her current anatomy. Annie’s DVM provided OrthoPets with new media and radiographs so we could fabricate a new below carpus prosthetic device with a humeral cuff. The new prosthetic device will be appropriate for Annie’s skeletally mature residual limb and OrthoPets hopes that the prosthesis will continue to provide functional support to Annie so she can resume her normal happy life!

Top Left - Annie's first device. Bottom Right - Annie's second device.

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