Zeke and his OrthoPets Tarsus Brace (Dog Back Leg- Ankle Brace)

Zeke is a 3-year-old, MN, Australian Cattle Dog that presented to his veterinarian in July of this year with a chronic calcaneal tendon rupture of the left pelvic limb. Zeke had been limping for about 10 months before being diagnosed. He had a dropped tarsus and his SDF and DDF tendons were still intact creating pretty severe digital contraction. Zeke underwent surgery to repair the tendon and his veterinarian prescribed an OrthoPets custom tarsal device (Dog ankle brace) to support his repaired tendon during recovery and help Zeke return to normal function.

OrthoPets fabricated a caudal-style tarsal shell with articulation at the tarsus and paw so his veterinarian could slowly reload the Achilles complex as Zeke’s tendon healed. Due to the extreme angle of digital flexion, Zeke’s paw-segment had a significant external wedge which affected his gait pattern when he was first learning to walk in his device. Zeke’s owner and veterinarian were diligent with his rehabilitation exercises and toe stretches and Zeke soon acclimated to his device and the external wedge was removed facilitating his ability to ambulate while wearing the orthosis. The OrthoPets Tarsus Device (Dog ankle brace) will give Zeke the needed support and stability to the tarsal joint.

Zeke is now 14 weeks post-op and doing very well in his custom device. His tendon has healed and the owner and veterinarian are considering the conversion of his device to a sports brace for Zeke to wear during explosive activity. This modification to his device will provide support to his healed tendon and help prevent the reoccurrence of rupture. OrthoPets looks forward to helping Zeke make this transition and continue to be a part of supporting his quality of life! We are so happy that Zeke is enjoying his OrthoPets Tarsus Device (Dog Ankle Brace)

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