Benny and His OrthoPets Carpus Device (Dog Wrist Brace)

Benny's first device

Benny is a two year old Great Dane with a congenital angular limb deformity of his right front leg due to early growth plate closure. He works with our wonderful Southern California Partner Clinic, Dr. Goulard at Paws on the Go. Benny's deformity resulted in many complications for him including muscle atrophy, tendon and ligament contracture, and resulting limb length discrepancy, that were already affecting him even as a young dog.

He was initially considered as a possible partial amputation and a custom prosthetic, but due to his unusual bony anatomy his team, in consultation with OrthoPets, instead opted to begin in June 2019 with an unusual "hybrid" carpus and paw orthosis that featured a prosthetic style extension to add length to make up for the missing height from his contracture.

Benny loved his first device so much that he very quickly refused to walk without it on! The first device was so successful in helping Benny to weightbear and develop more muscle and function in the affected limb that he progressed by January 2020 to a more typical carpal device with no need for the height extension. We can't wait to see what Benny's next steps will be! 

Benny's second device

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