Sterling and her OrthoPets Stifle Device (Dog knee brace)

When our 10 year old Siberian Husky, Sterling, started limping on her hind leg, we were devastated and saddened knowing she was in terrible pain. After spending $1,000 on veterinary bills while trying to get answers, we reached out to OrthoPets to see if they could help. Sterling was diagnosed with a CCL injury at her stifle joint.Due to Sterling’s age and the expense associated with surgery, we decided to pursue bracing to help support her leg and allow her to walk & run in comfort again. Within a week after casting Sterling’s leg for a new custom brace, it arrived with detailed installation, break-in, and maintenance instructions.After installing her custom OrthoPets brace, we could immediately tell that Sterling’s hind leg was being supported properly. It fits her PERFECTLY and doesn’t slide out of place. Sterling is now able to walk, run, and navigate stairs like she could before her CCL injury and understands that the brace is helping her to do so.Thank you so much for your compassion and for getting Sterling back on her feet so she can enjoy her retirement years with her family & friends!Jason, Kelly, and SterlingMinneapolis, MN USA

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