Cooper and his OrthoPets Carpus Device (Dog wrist brace)

Hello Shawna,I work with a lot of search and rescue dogs and their handlers and blown ACL/CCLS are ridiculously common. Most of my colleagues bite the big bullet and pay for the surgery on their working dogs but for senior dogs or non-working dogs, your brace represents a wonderful alternative!I am combining your brace with swim therapy and resistance therapy and range motion exercises along with regular daily walks and I'm very pleased with the results. If I can prevent him from trashing the other leg's CCL before he dies in the next 3-5 years, and avoid putting him and me through the surgery (and weeks of incarceration afterward), then the brace will have accomplished a near miracle!Specifically when it comes to Cooper, the stifle brace is a wonderful tool that allows my fun loving lab with the impulse control of a two year old human (blissfully ignorant of his advancing age at almost 11 years of age ) to have a rough and tumble life with his many canine roommates. Here's a list of all the things I like about it and there are many!*Exterior hardware takes a beating and doesn't even look scratched yet. (I can hear the sound as he squeezes next to wood fences and stucco walls that scrape the outside of his leg)*The design is relatively easy to use, and easy to keep clean.*Cooper got used to the brace VERY quickly. He stands (almost) still for me to put the brace on and he doesn't bark in my ear when I'm putting it on. This is amazing since dancing and barking is his normal response to almost everything. Since good things happen after we put the brace on (meals, walks, etc.) and I think he really likes it. I have never seen him lick, chew or fuss with the brace and that surprised me.Love your design and I'm sure a lot of trial and error went into its creation. Thank you for all your efforts to date!Frances and Cooper

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