Dash and His Bilateral OrthoPets Tarsus Paw Devices (Dog Ankle Brace)

Dash is a little 15-pound, 11-year-old dachshund who was referred to an OrthoPets Partner Clinic, A Well Adjusted Pet near San Francisco, California. Dash had previous bilateral Achilles tendon and gastrocnemius tendon issues. When he first came in for his evaluation, he was already wearing OrthoPets off-the-shelf tarsal warps that had been working great. Due to his high energy, he was developing friction sores and having continued breakdown of his tendons, so his owner was hoping to find a more long-term solution. Dr. Ilana Strubel and Dash's owner were concerned about his candidacy for bilateral tarsal orthosis due to his abundance of energy and small legs. We all agreed Dash would do better in custom-made orthotics as he loves to run and jump around like a wild pup! OrthoPets fabricated bilateral non-articulating tarsus, articulating paw orthosis for Dash. OrthoPets also fabricated custom special non-friction socks to help decrease the irritation and skin breakdown that he was having. At Dash's first fitting OrthoPets received great feedback that Dash had taken to his devices and was acclimating well. Dr. Strubel loosened up his motion-limiting straps at his paw a little to allow him to fully place his paw segment on the ground and he loved it! Since then little Dash has been enjoying long walks and running around in his tarsal orthosis without any issues. Dr. Strubel and Dash's mom have been very impressed by how quickly he acclimated and how well he is able to use his custom bilateral tarsal orthotics!

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