Nugget and Her OrthoPets Prosthetic Device

Nugget is a 2-year-old Chilean Flamingo born with a congenital deformity of her left limb. The deformity resulted in a partial amputation performed at Santa Barbra Zoo, where she resides.

Before perusing an OrthoPets Prosthetic, Nugget was getting used to wearing a makeshift cover to help protect her residuum, but it was time to find a better long-term solution.

Santa Barbra Zoo contacted OrthoPets to see if we could help. The dedicated staff wanted to give Nugget the best chance at a normal life and had seen that OrthoPets has helped many animals achieve this. Having helped over 30 different species with a variety of different pathologies, OrthoPets was up for the challenge!

The team created a successful pet prosthetic solution with creative materials to give Nugget the most normal representation of the limb she was missing.

Nugget is adjusting to her new OrthoPets Prosthetic very well and everyone is very pleased with the results of the device and how Nugget has taken to it so far. She now can spend her days with the rest of her flamingo friends living a normal life with her new limb.

Her new OrthoPets Prosthetic is even pink to match her beautiful pink feathers. We look forward to watching her progress at the Santa Barbara Zoo. OrthoPets was very excited to work with Nugget and the Santa Barbara Zoo on this interesting OrthoPets Prosthetic Device!

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