Jonesy and his OrthoPets Tarsus Brace (Dog ankle brace)

When my boxer, Jonesy, severed his Achilles tendon on a machete that I inadvertently left out in the garden, I blamed myself for my carelessness. After it happened, I felt that his way of living as a very active, social dog was over. I rushed him into surgery and he subsequently had 2 surgeries to reattach the tendon. It was 3 months of pain for all of us. Three months of carrying him outside to relieve himself; confinement to an area no larger than 3 feet x 6 feet and constant painkillers and antibiotics. I had thought that after all this his surgery would have been a success and was heartbroken to learn from my vet that the surgery did not hold. In spite of the fact that I had done all I could to immobilize him, he had moved too much for the tendon to heal. The options that were mentioned were to leave the leg as is (with the possibility of it flapping around on the ground), amputation, or another surgery that fused the bones (making the leg inflexible). One more option that the vet added was the use of a brace that a forward thinking company out of Colorado had invented that helped semi-immobilize the injured area, but allowed movement. Of course I opted for the brace. Two weeks later, Jonesy was walking around using the brace. OrthoPets manufactured the brace to fit Jonesy from a cast my vet had made. The person assigned to my case, Shawna, my case manager, was (is) one of the most friendliest, patient and caring people I have known. Together we kept tabs on Jonesy and helped him get to a point where he is now running with me. He's back to being as active as he would have been had he not had the accident. It's a huge relief to me to know that there is a company like OrthoPets that is concerned about the pet and is willing to help through the whole rehabilitation process. Thank you, Nalin

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