Dolly and Her OrthoPets Carpus Device (Dog Wrist Brace) and Rear Limb Prosthetic Device

Dolly is a 6 year old, female (spayed) Shih Tzu mix rescue who presented to Animal Medical Center in New York for a malformed, fused right carpus (dog wrist) and metacarpals causing a limb length discrepancy due to a shortened radius an ulna. Dolly also had a partial amputation distal to the tarsus (dog ankle) on the left pelvic limb. In addition, Dolly presented with a bilateral elbow incongruity, with the left elbow being luxated and a healed malunion articular fracture.

Dolly’s care team at AMC had goals a carpal orthotic (dog wrist brace) for her right forelimb to improve comfort and ability to ambulate, while maintaining as normal alignment as possible, and to establish a normal limb length for both affected limbs.

OrthoPets was up for the challenge to help this sweet girl get back on her feet. For Dolly’s right forelimb, we designed a caudal shell support carpal orthosis with paw segment, both non-articulating due to joint dysfunction. Due to the lack of range of motion at her metacarpal-phalangeal joint, a spoon splint rocker style paw with additional height was created to restore limb length normalcy and allow for easier and smoother ambulation. Since the amputation of the left pelvic limb was more distal, we were able to create a standard below tarsus (non-articulating) prosthesis (below dog ankle prosthetic device) and create the natural alignment to the ground.

It’s taken time and adjusting for Dolly and her new legs but with her loving and supportive family and dedicated team at Animal Medical Center, she has made huge leaps in mobility improvement! According to her owner, these devices have been life changing for Dolly and we can see the difference they have made. Dolly is a good reminder of why we do what we do at OrthoPets.

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