Shia and her OrthoPets Stifle Device (Dog knee brace)

I want to sincerely thank OrthoPets for their amazing work and expertise with animal orthotics. My 6 yo Carolina Dog, Shia, suffered a partial CCL tear after some play. I was advised to proceed with surgery. After reviewing studies and alternative options, I decided to pursue a conservative treatment plan to see if we can get her to heal without the trauma of surgery Under the direction of my rehab Vet, we decided to purchase a stifle brace from OrthoPets. Wise decision! The quality and design of the product I received was unbelievable - perfect fit and molded specifically for her leg taking into account her anatomy! After 4 months of strict rehab and wearing the brace, Shia has returned to nearly total weight bearing on the limb with and without the brace. We continue to use the brace for protection as she tolerates it very well. I highly recommend this company to help with your pet's rehabilitation. Thank you OrthoPets! Michael and Shia

Michael and Shia

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