Jerry the GOAT, and his Front Leg OrthoPets Prosthetic Device

Jerry is a three-and-a-half-year-old male goat from a rescue organization in Massachusetts. He has a right carpal injury from an unknown trauma, which left the carpus contracted and unable to extend. He has good range of motion in elbow and shoulder joints, but his carpus was contracted, and he had a hard time getting around. Jerry faced the possibility of amputation until he finally met a veterinarian who brought up the possibility of a custom-made prosthetic/orthotic device for him. 

OrthoPets was able to design an "accommodative device" front leg prosthetic for Jerry, allowing him to rest his limb in the contracted position while having an extension piece extend downward in a natural position into a faux paw. This eliminated the need for amputation and would still allow him to ambulate normally. When Jerry was first introduced to his new forelimb prosthetic device, he took to it immediately and ran to chase the other goats. Jerry is now living a normal goat life with the rest of his pasture mates! We are so excited for Jerry and his new OrthoPets Front Leg Prosthetic Device!

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