Wesley and his OrthoPets Bilateral Stifle Braces (Dog knee braces)

Wesley is a 9-year-old, neutered male, Old English Bulldog. He was diagnosed with a
cranial cruciate ligament tear (ACL/CCL) in his right stifle (knee) in April of 2019 and a cranial cruciate ligament
tear in his left stifle in September of 2019.

OrthoPets fabricated bilateral stifle devices (dog knee braces) with tarsal cuffs (ankle cuffs) which aid in suspension and keep the stifle device in place. The goal of the stifle device is to stabilize the stifle joint and prevent
tibial thrust.

Wesley’s Veterinarian’s goal for this device is to stabilize the stifles and to slow DJD (degenerative joint disease).
Wesley received his right stifle device in June 2019 and his left device in November 2019.
Wesley has done amazing with both devices and continues to improve.

Don't those OrthoPets bilateral stifle braces (dog knee braces) look awesome!?

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