Audrey and Her Bilateral OrthoPets Above Tarsus Prosthetic Devices (Dog Above Ankle Prosthetic Devices)

Audrey before she received her devices

Audrey is approximately 1.5 year old spayed female American Staffordshire Terrier who was found in an abandoned house with both of her hindlimbs severed at the tarsi (ankles). To make matters slightly more complicated, her left limb is longer than her right. Audrey also has fecal and urinary incontinence, along with a decreased right patellar reflex, indicating some sort of neurologic abnormality and walks in stifle (knee) extension.

No one knows what actually happened to her. She presented to an OrthoPets partner clinic, Animal Medical Center in New York, in October 2020, for prosthetic solutions (dog fake legs) after struggling with chronic distal residual skin sores and failed devices from another orthotic and prosthetic company.

OrthoPets fabricated bilateral (both limbs) hindlimb prosthetics (dog fake legs) for Audrey being very carefully to get the limb length discrepancy correct since there was no “normal” limb in which to compare. Extra care in the design was taken to provide more comfort to her compromised skin.

Audrey’s dedicated adopters were surprised and thrilled to see how comfortably Audrey used her devices for the first fitting, as if the devices are a normal extension of her limbs. Her skin still has some healing to do, but she has been given back her mobility to live a happy life with her family after having a rough start.

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