Lucy and Her OrthoPets Tarsus Device (Dog Ankle Brace)

Lucy is a 2 year old Korean Jindo mix rescue dog who works with our fabulous Bay Area Partner Clinic, Dr. Strubel at A Well Adjusted Pet. Lucy injured her right tarsus (ankle) initially while playing hard in March 2019 and following that she went through a chronic cycle of tarsal instability, pain, and swelling that resurfaced acutely whenever Lucy played too hard, which she loves to do! To support Lucy and the goal of letting her play safely off-leash again, OrthoPets created an articulated cranial style tarsal device with paw segment (dog ankle brace). The device features high resistance hinges at the tarsus that can be swapped out for lower resistance hinges, as well as motion limiting straps to offer different degrees of stability for Lucy at the tarsus. This will allow Dr. Strubel to use different configurations to find what is most functional in supporting Lucy in her daily activities as well as high impact play.

We know she will love getting back to playing again!

Isn't Lucy's PINK OrthoPets Tarsus Device (Dog Ankle Brace) Adorable?!

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